The Global Art Awards jury members include some of the world's most respected art professionals, collectors, gallery owners, critics, entrepreneurs and UAE high society, including members of the Middle East Art Collector Association. The Global Art Awards harnesses the insights and talents of 8 judges every year.

Sina Fattahi

Executive Board Member of Royal Front.

Dr. Farzam Kalamabadi

President & Chairman of Future Trends Group.

Dilyara Kamenova 

Founder Alpha Soul, Art & Culture Development. Curator and Adviser.

José Ignació Ruiz 

President of the Anacart & Caelis Gallery

Joobin Bekhrad 

Award-winning writer. Founder and Editor of Reorient and Columbia Journal.


Daryl Goh 

Founding Curator at NPE Art. Lecturer at LaSalle College of the Arts.

Jean Minguet

Artprice Head Economist & Art Market Analyst

Sophie Neuendorf 

Artnet Director, Gallery Network & Partnerships