Claudia Limacher

THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017 : Claudia Limacher


I am inspired by nature and its organic forms and paint intuitively without any formal training, rarely having a specific image in my mind. Rather, I allow my imagination to take over creating scenes that may be landscapes or abstract perceptions of another world.

With each painting, I have unique and continuous communication during the process of creation and continuously interpret it to offer the abstract energy of color an environment that not only is an emotional outlet, but may ultimately provide a sense of joy and beauty to the viewer.

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How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?
I was extremely surprised to hear about the nomination, and am grateful, honored and humbled to be in the company with renowned international artists.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?
Because of my synaesthetic perception, my inner world has always been colorful. When I had the chance to work in a professional studio four years ago, I immediately felt an extreme joy of expressing my sense of beauty on the canvas. As I have no formal art education, rather I let my instincts guide me and can paint freely expressing the energy I feel about a particular artwork.

What drives you? 
Both the challenge and joy of painting makes me feel more alive and present than doing anything else. Also, I believe that the unconscious mind offers a symphony of colors that I often blend in many layers giving my art a sense of depth and freedom.

What is your definition of art?
In my art I want to provide a sense of harmony and elation by integrating and merging opposites by being bold and graceful, light and dark, detailed and abstract as this is my perception of our natural and unpredictable world.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere I go, often in nature, as I love fluid, organic shapes that represent change as the only constant in life is change. However, most of the inspiration is within me as I dream of images and colors that have a need to come alive on the canvas.

Artist details:
Artist Name: Claudia Limacher
Born: 1967
Live: Switzerland

Facebook: Claudia limacher

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