The Global Art Awards 2017 :Riya Sharma


Riya Sharma currently lives and works in Kalol, (N.G) Gujarat, India. She holds a professional press card from the New York Institute of Photography and is an official photographer for their Photo World Magazine.She is a Photography Business Advisor/ photography marketing consultant and She provides the world's most popular and inspirational photography training. Riya Sharma is official member of more than 70 association , magazine, international art and cultural federation and etc.

A prodigious and immensely talented PROFESSIONAL - FREELANCE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER Who has represented India in many international Countries as a Sole Indian Photographer and who has made her country proud with numerous Global Awards. ( 100+ awards )

Riya Sharma is an internationally renown travel photographer from India who creates works with an unrelenting focus and beautiful simplicity that has earned her a spotlight in the international art scene. She has created a compelling artistic portfolio, being active in her home country, India, as well as in the U.S. where she has studied at the New York Institute of Photography.

I want what I see with my eyes to directly transcend to what people see in my photographs.” – RIYA SHARMA.


Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?Riya Sharma.

The title Majestic elephant is used because an elephant has been considered a very majestic animal since ancient times. Having an elephant was considered a symbol of royalty since the time of kings. It was always used even in wars during the ancient times to show the strength of the army. It is even considered sacrate in most of the Asian countries. Hence the perfect timing of this picture shows its majesticity and royalness with the help of the perfect golden light of the sun.

How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?

It feels really good. No, feels great actually to be nominated for the global art awards competing against the best of the best artists from all around the globe. I feel really honored and humbled to be a part of such a great event and being recognised amongst the top artist in the world.

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by

international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

It would mean the world to add one more great achievement to the list of my other achievements. It would be a dream come true to win against all the other nominations who have worked equally hard to win this. And the thought of me being given the award in front of the International Press and all the Elites and the Legends of this field gives me such an excitement and it sends the chills throughout my body.


How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

I am just a simple girl with the courage to work hard for my big dreams. Regardless of all my achievements, I like to keep my feet on the ground and try to touch the heart of the people with my art.

About my art, My primary focus is the depiction and documentation of humans all around the world catching their everyday lives. My images become the center of my work showcasing my artistic maturity despite my young age. Travel attractions, historic venues, poverty, social inequality, and beautifully orchestrated portraits are all within the parameters of my photography. I capture all of these themes under the watchful eye of my stylistic approach and my wish to establish connections. I capture the core of the human soul inviting all to a new awareness and openness to cultural diversity and connection to humanity through the appreciation of the universes that surround us.

I aim to capture moments in my photographs while sticking to my personal style and vision creating imagery that evokes a sense of connection, understanding, and integrity. The subjects of the photographs are moderately diverse, and the stylistic aspects remain relatively consistent throughout my series.

What is your definition of art?

Just one-word “VISION”. For Me, Art is nothing but a person’s vision. It is just How a person sees the things around him/her in a different way than how it supposed to be. It’s Always Interesting to see how a person presents/depicts the things. So any different and creative vision to see and present the things is ART for me.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?

To be Frank, I have never really thought about that far in the future. I believe in living the present to the fullest. All I wish and hope that my art inspires everyone in the present and the time to come. And plus, I would not want to decide anything for the future and put a limitation on what I can do. My art can go only as far as I want it to go unless I put a limitation of time or a position of achievement on it.

Can you tell us what your 'Before I Die' is?

My ‘Before I Die’ would be just to inspire the current generation and generations to come towards art. I just want to feel content with everything I will have achieved and every art I will have created.

I know my artwork is finished when…?

The moment I feel satisfied with whatever my eyes see in my artwork is when I feel my artwork is actually finished. It is still my mind says, I work on the detailing of my artwork. But, it is when my heart says, I know that’s my artwork is complete.

Greatest achievements so far…?

Well, I earned over 100 Achievements. But, I would love to still keep on adding more to the list. Some of my achievements would be

  • ASIAN AWARDS – 2016


  • ART KNIGHT – 2017














So these are few of those achievements and as I mentioned earlier I would love to keep the list never-ending.



Artist details:

Artist Name: RIYA SHARMA

Born: INDIA. 19 JULY.

Live: KALOL (N.G) / INDIA.

CALL (M): +919727930995



Website: |


Facebook Profile:





My art is the confession of my soul. I live my personal truth through the traces I leave. I live and work in Kavala, Greece. Every day is a continuous journey where I actively engage myself in different actions-routines-exercises in order to physically, emotionally and mentally prepare myself to create my paintings. Their creation is my nonverbal reaction to everything that is happening around me. The energies that are being released are transformed into spontaneous movements on the canvas and the stories are rewritten these time with colors that record the moments forever. These paintings are the traces of my own truth.

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

There are spaces like this that possess a special kind of energy which together with their aesthetic and historical background act as catalysts to the art they are hosting. We can imagine Dubai as being originally a blank canvas that has been transformed to what it is today!!! I AM IN AWE just by being here. An art exhibition here in Dubai can be a milestone in an artist’s career since, even for a brief moment, there is a peak in the interaction of the artist’s work with the public. I really appreciate such an exposure because in the past I have had the experience of my work being shown at OPEN – Lido, Venice and still is being exhibited permanently there in the Blue Moon open air. The exhibition of art itself is the most important matter. A potential award here will be gratifying personally as it will give me the pleasure of imagining the broadening of my art’s exposure to a greater public in the years to come.


Where do you get your inspiration?

Totally abiding with Sartre’s own “un acte de liberte est un acte sans motivation”. I believe that ART is the result of an act of freedom so it is baring no motive.

How do you deal with artist's block?

With feelings of friendship. I do not feel at all competitive.

Can you tell us what your 'Before I Die' is?

The road to death is an unstoppable and continuous journey. My innermost wish before I die is to be able to complete whatever it is that is still occupying my thoughts. Nobody knows how long his life will last therefore I consider every piece of my work as the last one.

I know my artwork is finished when…? Answer – Creation is a procedure of utmost importance. The public exhibition of the work is most significant as well because this the point in time that the artwork starts interacting with the public. The introversion and autism of the artist act as the uterus that conceives. Creation is the act of giving birth. A new cycle in life begins as soon as the work is starting to be exhibited. I think that when the moment comes WHEN I DO NOT WANT TO TOUCH THE WORK I AM DOING ANYMORE THEN IT IS THE TIME THAT IT IS READY DO BE SHOWN.

Greatest achievements so far…?

Would love to exhibit my work in …




Website :

Facebook: @aristotelis.deligiannidis

Instagram: @deligiannidis.aristotelis

THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017 : Brigitte Thonhauser-Merk

Foto Publ.jpg

Fascinated by cubism in the fifties, I started with auto-didactic studies in France in the fifties and had my first success with colourful oil chalk drawings. After a pause of 30 years where I dedicated myself to the education of our four children and helped my husband with the foundation of his own company, I started a second career as a painter, taking lessons at the Vienna Public Art School and studying Art History and Romance at the University of Vienna where I got my master’s degree at the age of 71. I like working in several technics from fine watercolour flower paintings to collages, oil paintings of French gardens, graphics, ink drawings in black and white, to fantastic figurines, invented landscapes and abstract compositions in acrylic. In my artwork I want to express my joy of life and share it with the spectators in many countries where I like to travel. I got several awards in France and Italy.

Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

I got inspired by one of my earliest watercolor paintings to make this picture of a bouquet on a yellow background, whereby I reduced the colors to just yellow, grey, white and black. The result is an elegant setting between reality and abstraction where the emphasis is on the lines who are in a harmonious dialogue with the plain areas. In this work my cultural heritage of Viennese Liberty style (Jugendstil around 1900) meets with the Modern Art, which I studied during several trips to Paris since the fifties, thus creating a new personal reality.

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

I would be very happy and feel encouraged and confirmed in my artistic research.And, of course, I would buy immediately a flight ticket to Dubai!

What drives you? 

As soon as I understood one day that the ability to create artworks is a God given talent, I felt that I had a great responsibility and I decided to take lessons with experienced good artists. I wanted to learn most possible technics to find out which one is most suitable for me to create artworks worthy of this high vocation. Thus art became for me not an instrument for political, social or religious confrontations, but an instrument to create a universe in which the spectator could relax and enjoy a world of beauty and harmony. I agree with the French painter Eugène Delacroix who said: “An artwork should above all be a feast for the eyes”.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the observation of the nature around me and during my multiple trips abroad as well as from the great masters of the past. My goal is not to imitate nature or other artists, but to create a new reality according to my phantasy. In my studio my inspirations get transformed into pictures while I am listening to my favorite classic music (Chopin, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven) which is another source of inspiration for me.


Artist Name: Brigitte Thonhauser-Merk

Born: February 18th, 1943 in Vienna/Austria

Live: Friedhofgasse 36, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf/Austria

Website :


THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017 : Janice Alamanou

Janice Alamanou Fine Art Photography, Limited Editions and Unique Pieces - now with 24ct Gold Gilding, possibly the ‘1st ever’ with photography.

Born and raised on the windswept coast of North Norfolk, UK, Janice started photographing from a young child and her art has evolved over years of experience. Alongside her photographs she now experiments with new techniques and materials, pushing the boundaries of photography by combining it with metals.

She exhibits Internationally and has her own Gallery, 88 Staithe Street, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk. NR23 1AQ UK, in her home town.

Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards? ’Gold Leaf’ is possibly the ‘1st ever’ Photograph with 24ct Gold Gilding.  A unique, one only, black and white tree image with colour autumnal leaves, some falling, representing and triggering feeling and meaning.

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World? It is an honour to be nominated for these awards - to win a Global Art Award would be the best day of my life. I love what I do and hope this shines through in my artwork and for professional bodies to recognise this in such spectacular surroundings and against International Artists would be life changing.

Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration comes from the environment and people around me. Each photograph has a meaning and a reason behind it. I create art as my life leads and my heart dictates, which leads to varied style and technique as my artistry evolves. For me, my artwork must trigger something from within, to create feeling and to make the viewer look and look deeper - the intensity of a still image.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now? I am now concentrating on creating an exclusive range of photography with Gold Gilding. Each will be a unique piece of art.

A Selection of Exhibitions:

2018 Artifact Gallery, New York, USA, June 2018, SOLO Exhibition by Janice Alamanou

2018 Explosion of the VISIONS, Mamag Modern Art Museum, Castle Hubertendorf, Austria, 21st February - 20th September 2018

2017 MUSA “We Contemporary’ 10 Art Must Haves, 26/27/28 October, Palazzo Velli Expo - video exhibition in Kiev will be 2 November 2017 at Art Ego Culture Center Spivakovska.

2017 Cannes International Art Fair 2017, 22nd - 26th September

2017 Art Baho, Barcelona, Spain. September.

2017 The Crypt Gallery, London. UK. (April)

2017 Woman’s Essence. MUSA. International Contemporary Fine Art by Women. The Espace de Commines, Paris, France. (April)

2017 The Secrets of Contemporary Art, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria. (Feb - July)

2016 Art Nou Mil.Lenni Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. (Permanent from October 2016)

Would love to exhibit my work in … The Arab Emirates





Xavier Yarto

A Mexican painter who has managed to put in purely abstract work a very unique through the creation of particular colors that give great strength and impact to your work touch.

The author seeks to bring a point beyond abstract art by combining this technique with a job in high relief of pre-Hispanic culture, which he turned in its theme transforms in concept and reinforced with a new set of colors that the artist creates otherwise to highlight the meaning of each icon used in his work.
After presenting several important and renowned places in Mexico, 
takes his work to countries like Sweden, the Netherlands , Spain, England, Austria, France, Italy and the USA.

No doubt his work hits again, because it not only offers the viewer the quality of an abstract work but takes the enigmatic world of pre-Columbian art. A job as its author calls it, " a recreation of the Hispanic culture with a modern language."
So Xavier Yarto contributes to art works full of color, strength and content. An artist who searches every new best to previous work.

1. Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

El Guerrero, it's a fusion between prehispanic art with modern art. This piece speaks of the courage, the force, the loyalty that had the warriors, in the pre-Hispanic México

2. How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?

For me it is an honor for been nominated for such important prizes

3. What is your definition of art?
My work is a is a mix of prehispanic art with a modernist touch

4. Where do you see your art going in ten years?

I see myself, with much more presence in the world, being a more recognized artist

5. Best exhibition ever participated in…?

At the Louvre, museum



Artist Name: Xavier Yarto

Born: México, City

Live: USA

Twitter: xavieryarto

Facebook: xavieryartopintor
Instagram: Xavier_Yarto




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2014 San Diego Art Fair, CA
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Exhibition con’t

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Museum Collections

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Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi work is influenced by his relationship with the local environment of UAE, and what it comprises from both historical stereotactic notions, and concepts arising from change and prosper. In both dimensions, the artist works upon the significant idea and its endless innovations, along with his invoke on the perspective illustration by describing major aesthetic level for the awaited artistic corollary. Thus, he paves the way towards the anthropomorphism expressionism, and uniformed abstraction for the heritage of artistic elements that are visualized in their own beauty, outlined excellently as having its own contemporary value.

In this rich context, the sea and the mountains…the desert and its beings…the ship and its worlds…are all present to be merged with letters arising from the melody of existence.

Please fill in x5 questions you like to answer from the questions below:

Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

This artwork ‘’LOVE – DANCING’’ is a part of a series named love on which I’m still working since 2015. Is it a very symbolic work of two Arabic letters which compose the word LOVE (as hobb in Arabic)…

How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?

What are you looking forward to it most at the Global Art Awards Ceremony?

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

What drives you? 

What is your definition of art?

Art for me is a world of an elegant beauty a way of existence, a way of expression of what you feel, and it is the conscious creation of something beautiful meaningful using imagination…

Where do you get your inspiration?

Our culture and heritage have been a source of my inspiration. Forms and subjects such as desert, oil, pearls, calligraphy, rhythm and sound inspire almost all of my work. Arabic calligraphy is one of my favorite subjects, I like combining letters with other forms from nature with the aim of sharing the beauty of our language with others.

My favorite Artist of all time is?

How do you deal with artist's block?

Where do you see your art going in ten years?

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

Can you tell us what your 'Before I Die' is?

To highlight the authentic social and cultural values of the UAE community, as well as sharing and sending the message of love and peace to the world through my art.

I know my artwork is finished when…?

Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?

Which are your favorite artists?

Best exhibition ever participated in…?

Greatest achievements so far…?

Would love to exhibit my work in…

In all places which love my art.

Artist details:


Born: 1971.

Live: United Arab Emirates.



Twitter: @jamalAlSuwaidi1

Facebook: Jamal H. Al Suwaidi

Instagram: @jamal_habroush_alsuwaidi

THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017 : Lida Sherafatmand

Painting is a vocation for me. I believe the art which we produce becomes part of our physical, emotional and intellectual reality. This puts a huge responsibility on my shoulders when I am creating, to make sure I give the best of me to my environment as I ‘immortalize’ a part of reality in the painting. I meditate, pray, and dance to get in touch with depths of beauty and strength in life.

Lida at painting studio.JPG

Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

The nominated painting is called “Waterfall of the Soul”, it is 150 x 120 cm, oil on canvas. It expresses the elegance of a soul, and the experience of flow. All the little flowers you see in it are the fuschia flower (f.Corymbifera is the scientific botanic name of it). In flower essence remedies the fuschia flower helps one release entanglements from the past which are preventing the flow in one’s life. So the prayer with which I have painted this painting is for the viewer to experience a release of entanglements which block their flow of life. The shape of waterfall is to accentuate the sensation of flow. At the same time the painting is meant to mirror the elegance of the soul.

Lida Sherafatmand profile photo.jpg

I have to say though, that I managed to bring out the elegance thanks to the fact that I got to know an amazing person during the period that I was painting this piece. This person has the most elegant soul I have ever witnessed in my life. So I felt compelled to paint the beauty that I see in this person, to let the world see it too. Most often the most amazing people are not those like me who are in the spotlight, but the ones reserved and hidden away from the public eye. I feel like a gemologist in a way; when a gemologist discovers a rare gem, he wants to show the world his discovery. I did that with this painting; I saw a rare elegance of a soul and expressed its beauty for the world to see. And wherever in life I notice a beauty which is not visible to the general physical eye I try to express it through my paintings. I feel that as my function in society as a painter.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

As a person I’m rather engaged with life and enthusiastic about many things in the universe around us. I try to be as authentic as possible to myself and through that authenticity contribute what I feel is missing in the external environment around me in society as a painter- since with a painting one creates something physical which remains in our environment.

Regarding my art work, as many might already know, ‘florescencism’ is the term I use to encapsulate both the visual and the philosophy in it.  Well, ‘flor’ (Latin word for flower) refers to the fact that flowers are what the images are made of . Flower as a verb -to flower- is a metaphor used in many cultures and languages to symbolize the flourishing of an individual or a civilization. Having studied international relations at university with the intention of enriching my art and making it more concrete in its stance in society, I make use of peace/conflict theories to pass on knowledge on human nature. After finishing my Masters in international Relations, I submitted a PhD proposal which was accepted by Keele University in the UK, but I decided to continue my art exhibitions and come back to that in a few years time in order to be able to write from my direct experience interacting with different societies through my art.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?

I intend to interact with more and more societies of different countries through my art and learn along the way, as well as connect to people’s hearts.

Two more precise projects though which I intend to realize before the next 10 years pass are:

  1. A duet exhibition with Damien Hirst, to be followed by a face-to-face public debate with both Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. This is due to the sharp difference in our approaches to beauty in art; not because I undervalue their approach to beauty in any way, nor do I find their approach wrong, but because I think after a century of mainstream conceptual art, it is important to allow space for a different approach to beauty too. I use a neurobiological theory of aesthetics which appeals to our inborn sense of beauty regardless educational levels. This is to keep us in touch and close to nature. So I would love to have a discussion on it with these prominent figures in the mainstream who have been influencing our ideas of beauty today.

  2. The second project is a ballet interpretation of my paintings. The flowers in my paintings are like dancers on stage in my imagination. So I have prepared a concept story for my ‘internal worlds’ painting series which describes the different states of human nature inside and how they influence our interaction with the outside world. I would like this story board to be performed as a ballet piece which of course only a choreographer can compose. I am currently having talks with the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg about it, and do hope to realize such project way before 10 years time in fact.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

At the moment I am preparing a new collection to be exhibited the Asia Art Funds gallery in New York in March 2018. Master Mahmoud Farshchian the great Iranian master of Persian miniature painting will open the exhibition, and I am very much honoured by that because I admire his art very much. I only met him once, but luckily he appreciates my work enough to be honouring me by opening the exhibition there. I hope your committee members from Global Art Awards would be able to attend too.

Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?

I have been invited by the China National Academy of Painting in Beijing to create a painting with my own style of painting, on the silk road. The painting is rather large, 3.6 x 2.5 meters, and although my sketches of it are still to reach final approval, but this would be then the best commission I have ever had. I am immensely joyed to have received this invitation because I consider their academy of a very high standing.

Artist Name: Lida Sherafatmand

Born: Iran

Live: Malta

Website :

Twitter: @lidasart

Facebook : @lidasherafatmand

Instagram : @lidasherafatmand

THE GLOBAL ART AWARDS 2017 : Gina Plunder

My works are like landscapes of the heart describing the fillings inside sometimes easy and light, sometime powerful with ups and downs.

GPlunder_the unknown way of fortune_Acrylic on canvas_122 x 155 cm.jpg

They are made in a complicated process of layering with acrylic paint and spray so they are full of light but in the same time powerful. Architecture and human silhouettes are basic elements in my art works. I like to lead the viewer through imaginary spaces, which are the framework for my surreal creations. Sometimes I include monotype print or used paper targets to get more structure in my works, and also to surprise!

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1) Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

My nominated artwork for the Global Art Awards has the title “The Glove”. You can see 2 hands that seem to want to shape or to quench fire. One of the hand wear a glove made of a used paper target. It is maybe a play with fire, you can burn your fingers or not…

2) How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?


I’m an optimist, I believe in a better world someday!

My works are describing the fillings inside of our souls sometimes easy and light, sometime powerful or hart with ups and downs like landscapes of the heart.

The paintings are made in a complicated process of layering with acrylic paint and color spray so they are very atmospheric and full of light but in the same time powerful. You can see shadowy areas or floating pathways, which appear to be made of glass, imaginary landscapes or sky images. Shadowy areas open up to reveal other areas. The illusion of disintegrating space is created, to be recreated again from nothing – the circle of life!

Generally my work is moving in the border areas between painting and drawing, space and surface, figuration and geometry, between illusion and reality. Architecture, geometrical figures, human silhouettes and the interplay between the Real and abstract are basic elements in my art works. I like to lead the viewer through imaginary spaces and optical illusions, which often form the framework for my surreal creations. Sometimes I also include monotype print to get more structure in my works, or used paper targets to thematise our senses, invisible feelings and emotions and also to surprise!

In addition to my paintings I also do drawings. Under the title “Wishhouse” they are describing the difficult significance of the home as a “micro home” like the motto: home is where the heart is. This houses are particular houses, have no walls, have open spaces. There are many rooms, windows, stairs, twisting hallways like in real life. It is a new imaginary house, but it consists of parts of old buildings that actually exist. Old and new together: my wishhouse!

3) My favourite Artist of all time is?

Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist and my inspiration for colors.

4) How do you deal with artist's block?

Some of my best friends are also artists. I’m furthermore member of the 2 important artists associations in Germany “GEDOK” German and Austrian Artists association and “BBK” federal German artist association. I like to take part in international exhibitions also to get to know foreign artists, to see how they work and how are the deals in their countries.

Gina Plunder_Studio.JPG

5) Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

In addition to my own work as an artist I also do art workshops with children. Since about 10 years I’m Director of the Art Centre - Bildungschance Rastatt, an education Association for schools Pupils and lecturer at the Land Academy of Art and Theater Castle Rotenfels. I am working with many children with migration background, from different cultures and countries.

Art is for many children a way to express emotions or messages, as a language for every one of us it promotes the integration, therefore it contributes very substantially to overcome boundaries and to dismantle prejudices.

Art improves the educational opportunities, changes destructive aggressiveness into constructive energy. All teachers with whom I collaborate realized surprised that there are no discipline problems with the students during the art workshop.

For me is a pleasure to see how concentrate my students work and to see how happy they are when they’re work is done.

How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?

What are you looking forward to it most at the Global Art Awards Ceremony?

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

Where do you see your art going in ten years?

What drives you? 

What is your definition of art?

Where do you get your inspiration?

Can you tell us what your 'Before I Die' is?

I know my artwork is finished when…?

Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?

Which are your favorite artists?

Best exhibition ever participated in…?

Greatest achievements so far…?

Would love to exhibit my work in …

Artist details:

Artist Name: Gina Plunder

Born: in Romania, September 21, 1964

Live: Rastatt, Germany



Nominee Global Art Awards 2017 : Islamic Artist Siddiqa Juma

"The purpose of my art is to inspire you, the viewer of my work, to think, to absorb, maybe even to meditate but most importantly - to create a conversation." 

This is an interview with Siddiqa Juma, nominee in the Global Art Awards 2017, with the award ceremony at the Armani Dubai, Burj Khalifa on 17.11.17 where the winners will be announced over 18 categories, such as Painting, Street Art, Photography and many more... Seat reservation is possible online.

Tell us about your nominated art piece for the Global Art Awards?

The nominated art piece is called Diversity. It is 1metre x 1metre acrylic on canvas and is covered by resin. The painting has the Holy Kaabah at the centre and is then surrounded by multitude daubs of colours – literally thousands upon thousands of brush strokes, layered one on top of the other, each colour although unique lets the colour beneath shine through.  Every brush stroke representing a being – unique in everyway and made all the more wonderful when their path are crossed by another. The painting is of a carnival of diversity, all united by one faith to the one God, and by their calling to the House of God which transmits a constant radiant energy.

How does it make you feel that you are a nominee for the Global Art Awards?

To have been nominated for the Global Art Awards by the awards own Jury’s board feels truly humbling. Whilst I have painted throughout my entire life, I never really anticipated where this journey of art was going to take me. My career as an artist was somewhat of a happy accident and one that I am ever so grateful for, but to receive a once-in-a-lifetime nomination like this one for a Global Art Award and to have received recognition on an international scale and with such an eminent jury, is mind-blowing and is something that I am extremely grateful for.

How would you react if you win a Global Art Award at the Armani Dubai Burj Khalifa surrounded by international Press and the Elite from the Art World?

To be honest, I think it would be impossible for me to even attempt to guess how I would react. This would undoubtedly be the pinnacle of my career to-date so I suspect it will be unbelievable and amazing at the same time. I feel honoured to have been nominated and be amongst the best in the art world. The thought that my art could be a winner in front of giants in the industry feels almost like an out of this world experience. When I paint, it is as though I am portraying my inner-most thoughts and meditation on a canvas. There is a lot of personal and emotional investment in everything that I do, so to win the award and to receive such an accolade and recognition would be huge.

How would you describe yourself? And your artwork?

This is an interesting question and certainly one that my family and friends would love to answer! I am a mother first and foremost and I place my family at the centre of everything that I do. To my parents, I was destined to be a pharmacist, though I trained to be and qualified as a graphic designer. My career however took a backseat when I became a mother, although once my children had grown and as I began to paint more and more, I slowly began to exhibit at the insistence of a friend. I was truly touched at how positively people reacted to my work.

My artwork has always been about conveying the messages of Unity, Peace and Love as the overarching ideals. I draw most strength, inspiration and drive from my unending desire to find commonalities in human beings and all that unites us. I am particularly inspired by the beauty of Islam and to that end, much of my art is influenced by my religion and my own personal relationship with God. I am a British Muslim artist and for me both identities are important. I hope that in my work you will find that Islamic-inspired art can be contemporary and speak to an audience that identify with current art trends and appeal to those who wish to have contemporary Islamic art in their homes.

Can you tell us what your 'Before I Die' is?

My ultimate wish and objective is to use my art to impact social engagement on a large scale. Whether it is a collaborative activity which bring communities together or one that engages inter-community discussion, I would love to create art installations and paintings that would spark interesting conversations. Winning an award like this would give me the necessary exposure and the platform that I need to be able to do this, as art is one of the few media through which you can bring people together and unite. I would love to have been the catalyst to get young people involved in art. I want to leave behind a legacy that has purpose on a community-level and not be known necessarily as a stand-alone artist who painted only for herself or simply for commercial gain. And if I could leave this earth with the knowledge that I played a part in this, then that would make me very happy.

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World’s First Ever Global Art Awards to Honour Outstanding Works of Artists from Across the Globe.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 7th March 2017

Set to take place at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa on 17th November 2017, the inaugural edition of the awards will be attended by internationally acclaimed artists, critics, art fair directors, and more…

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 7th March 2017 – Recognising excellence and innovation in art and design, the world’s first ever Global Art Awards will celebrate exceptional achievements of artists from across the globe. Featuring 18 Visual Arts categories, including PhotographyStreet ArtIllustration, and Painting, the awards is set to receive significant support from the UAE and global art authorities.

In support of the growth of homegrown talent in the Middle East, with a special focus on the UAE arts and culture scene, the Global Art Awards will devote three categories to the region. Artists across the Middle East and the UAE can contest for the ‘Best Middle East Female Artist Above 25’, ‘Best Middle East Female Artist Below 25’ as well as the highly illustrious ‘Best Emirati Artist Award.’

Chosen from a list of all winners, the Global Art Awards will also honour one artist with the coveted title- ‘The Ultimate’ Best Global Artist of 2017, with this winner taking a cash prize fund.

Amongst the judging panel for these prestigious accolades are art moguls, business leaders and industry experts; Eng. Mahmood Bin Karam Al Fars is the Commercial Director & Media Advisor to the Arab Fashion Council, Sales & Campaign Manager for Abu Dhabi Media and Jury Member of the U.A.E, as well as being a successful Film Producer.

Commenting on the awards, he says “I believe it is important to recognise the efforts of outstanding artists and provide the Arts and Culture community a platform to celebrate outstanding creativity. Arts and heritage are an integral part of bringing people and cultures together. 

The awards are an effort to genuinely establish on the global stage, an inspirational international competition. The awards reaches out towards a wider horizon, one which embraces talents and nurtures them to their fullest capacity. I am confident that the shortlisted artworks will demonstrate a range of unique creative perspectives and innovative techniques." 

Joining him is Sophie Neuendorf (USA) - Artnet - Director, Gallery Network and Partnerships and Head of the Department of Econometrics at Artprice, Jean Minguet, an expert in the field of art market analyses.

Commenting on the awards he says “A prize has the ambition to recognize the contribution of an artist, his or her creativity and virtuosity. It intends to reward all the efforts made. A meaningful award should therefore move the artist as much as it should draw the attention of public institutions and private collectors. It is a miraculous thing to have “The Oscars for the Visual Arts” 

The eleven-month programme will culminate in an exquisite red carpet Gala event in Dubai on 17th November 2017, at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. Dubbed to be the ‘Oscars of the Visual Arts’, the high-profile evening will see the likes of internationally acclaimed artists, art critics, art dealers, art collectors, art fair directors, museum directors, TV & radio personalities, and business leaders in attendance.

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