different ways to participate:


1. Artists: Nominations

2. Artists & Galleries: Art Exhibition

3. Guests and Nominees: Awards Ceremony Attendance Reservations needed

4. Sponsors and Partners: Gain worldwide exposure

Please note that all prices are plus 5% UAE VAT/TAX.

important information:


- All prices are plus 5% UAE TAX/VAT.

- All nominees and art exhibition submissions are subject to a curators process - see jury.

- Nominees and Finalists are not automatically invited to attend the Gala Ceremony. You must book a seat separately from being a nominee or a finalist.

- Finalists will be announced in September/October 2018 by the Jury.

- Being a Nominee or a Finalist does not mean that you can automatically can participate in the Art Exhibition - the exhibition is separate to the Award Ceremony.

- Being a Nominee or a Finalist does not mean that you can attend the Award Ceremony. You will need to receive an invitation or submit online to reserve a seat.

- All accepted Art Exhibition participants are automatically entered in the nominations and will receive their nominations link after payment has been received to exhibit.

- All accepted Art Exhibition participants will receive x1 seat to the Awards Ceremony. Extra seats need to be requested.

-  The art exhibition takes place before, and throughout the Award Ceremony, and lasts from 20pm till after the closing party 02.00am. The art exhibition guests are cordially invited by the organisation of the Middle East Art Collector Association.

- To get nominated you need to submit online. We recommend that you to submit asap for nomination, since the earliest you submit the longer you have to gain votes, and to receive press attention.

Any further questions please check the Frequently Asked Questions